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Asian Paints brings you Lamination Wala Ultima Protek in its latest TVC

Ultima Protek, with its Lamination Guard & 10 year warranty, saves the day for Matchmaker Ranbir Kapoor, who traverses through a town that takes lamination to the next level in this new TVC. Homes are built with a lot of love and labour and so, those within want their homes to look picture perfect for years altogether. Asian Paints hence strives to be a part of the consumer journey in not just building their homes but also making sure they look beautiful for years together. The exteriors of the house that are subject to a lot of adversities of nature and Asian Paints Ultima Protek with its Lamination Guard technology provides complete protection to the exteriors of the home from Rain, Dust and Sun, along with 10 Years of Performance Warranty. The new quirky ad for Ultima Protek is directed by the renowned director, Prasoon Pandey. This ad features the versatile Ranbir Kapoor in a never-seen-before avatar, as a Matchmaker, trying to find the right groom for a NRI girl travelling thr

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