Jagriti Chaturvedi: A Journalist

ournalist is a respectable profession in the society. Jagriti Chaturvedi is the main figure, who is serving as a journalist and an anchor, she belongs from a normal family and attached with her Grand Parents. Jagriti's Grand Father is an astrologer and he is so ritualistic. Since from birth she follow all the Rituals.  Inspite of this she is very much attached to her father and Mother. Jagriti's mother played a very significant role to grow her up and all the credit goes to her beloved family to stand her up on this platform.
Present Status
She Completed Graduation in Software Engineering and was very much active in all the cultural programmes in college days. and currently working as Journalist and anchor.
After Completing your Graduation as a software engineer how you become a journalist.
As  I  told you I was interested in cultural programs since I was in college so I was not interested to work in a software company. I decided to switch my field and then my communication plays a best role to enhance my carrier as a journalist and I became a part of media named "Dabang Dunia" currently I am associated with this company and loved to work as a Journalist. I do stage shows as an anchor & had done lot of corporate shows taken lots of political interviews.  Finally I will say interest matters. If you have interest and deep desire to do any work no one can stop you. Success and your dream will definitely knock your door.
What is your Future planning?
My Future planning is to work with good news channels like "Dabang Dunia ". If I back about my social life than since my birth I am too much attached to animals so wanted to do something for them. If I talk about my dreams than wanted to purchase a house in Mumbai since its my dream city.
What is your fitness goals?
I do yoga from last two years. It purifies your soul, body & mind. Inspite of this in free time I do play badminton or do some outdoor activities. For the fitness I want to say we must do fasting once in a week. Fasting purify our body and maintain our fitness.
Who is your Ideal? as you told you are Anchor so who you prefer as a best Anchor?
Every one is best in their way every one is having their own voice but if you asking me for my Ideal then in terms of voice I like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan his voice always inspire me alot.
What you wanted to advise the Rising Stars as an Anchor or a Journalist?
I want to say if you are in the beginning of your carrier some people will degrade you, some will show sympathy only few will support you so ignore that negative people and always be positive in your life. If you are positive hard working, nobody can stop you to reach your goal.