Dr. R. Suresh Babu awarded with “Dr Kalam Smriti excellence award 2019”

Dr. R. Suresh Babu son of late Shri Rangaswamy Was born on 16 April 1976. He is doctor of social work and Dr of Humanity and founder of “Giving Hands India Trust” & “Helping Hand Trust”. Dr Suresh holds many posts, such as director in media council GOI, Academy of universal global is USA, international peace University Germany and AICSO in new Delhi etc. Promoted a community dairy farm for women, install bio gas plant, say no To plastic for safer environment, family disputes are being resolved through reconcilation and involved in the comprehensive education program for the rural poor children. Conducts the training programs for the SHGS on herbal medicines. Dr Suresh Babu has received so many awards during his life e.g. Best social work Award Glory of India award, Rajiv Gandhi achievement award and Mahatma Gandhi international peace award et cetera. As per his social performance Facebook is nearby glad to award him “Dr Kalam Smriti excellence award 2019”
Dr. R. Suresh Babu Honoured by Sh. Jitender Singh Shanty (Chairman- Shaheed Bhagatr Singh Sewa Dal & BJP Leader), International Poet Ms. Ana Dehalvi, Haji Mohd. Imran Ansari (President- Delhi State Momin Conference), Chairman Face Group Dr. Muahtaq Ansari & Neha Sharma (Manager- Face Group) on 17th November 2019 at J. P. Hotel & Resorts, I.P. Extension, Patparganj, East Delhi.