Delhi Police personnel plays good Samaritan,saves life

The entire capital city has been under lockdown, Delhiites have to be staying indoors. The streets are lying deserted with hardly a man seen walking about.
During patrolling at night, around 12 30 am, an ASI of Delhi police, Sheikh Safiuddin heard a voice of a lady screaming for help on the deserted stretch of DBG under police station Desh Bandhu Gupta Road (Central District).No sooner did Safiuddin hear the scream, than he rushed towards where the voice came from . He found that a pregnant lady Chinu 21 year old was in labour. She with her mother- in-law Darshana, was looking for some transport so that they could go to a hospital.  Manish Kumar, her husband didn't accompany her as he was not well.  'It was really difficult following the lockdown to arrange for a transport, as none was ready to go,' spoke Safiuddin who without wasting another minute, arranged her the vehicle. She was rushed to Lady Harding's hospital in time.
Safiuddin, for this act of humanity, was given a cash prize of rupees 2000