There is a group of married women that sometimes acts as an autonomous decisive unit to judge the group of women who are single, strangest or divorced.
So dearest separated , divorced and spinster you don't get confused by what a common group of society thinks about you.
Be happy about the stand you have taken because you are different than them. Out of 100 cases more than 50 to 60 are fighting a battle within themselves without being loud, The rest have made peace with what they have got. There are a few of them  leading a married life only to keep the societal norms healthy. Most  of them stay confined to the demarcated pherphery by giving up on their dreams; some are still dreaming of being valued whereas some are striving to establish their identity. There are still very few who are either happy or pretend to be  but their inner joy is long dead. 
So my precious ladies don't feel low about being left out if you have have to feed yourself,here comes the moment of being proud that's the spirit of woman. The life of a woman travels through the bumpy road of conflicts and compromises when you feel a married woman pretending to be oversmart this is how she has survived her marriage. Bear in mind a little too clearly that everyone has a specified parameter to gauge where, how and what to compromise and what not. None knows what an ordeal you have been through. 
Life is not about looking at the pictures and watching videos of yestyear it is all about moving on by holding your head high instead. It's about a bond and commitment that keep love,care and respect in tact.
you are someone beyond any sinister designed of a man. you are above the diabolic and catastrophic designed by the cunning psyche of a man,  A woman can't be replaced by another in any case whatsoever. You have already risen above a level where you cannot be compared to any other woman. This is you who could dare to lead a life all by yourself . If you are alone it clears that there is none who can ever deserve to be with you.If you are alone that's a reward anchoring your honesty and sincerity by raising your voice against injustice inflicted upon you by the patriarch society. If you are left aside  in isolation,this is why you refuse to entertain anything plattered. You are a single because you have chosen different shades of life. At last, you are single,divorced or seprated for the constitution has mandated the right to mark a tick on any option detailed in the format of  a form which depicts you as single,married, divorced, seprated.
Dearest women,learn to regard the other fellow women with a sense of belonging to each other as a pattern of the same fartenity.
There could be any reason for being single!