Lifer in Jessica Lall murder case walks free

LG orders release on 'good conduct'
The son of the veteran Congress leader and Union Minister Venod Sharma's son Siddharth Vashisht aka Manu Sharma was released. The accused Manu awarded life in the sensational murder of model  Jessica Lall was let off on grounds of  'good conduct' from Delhi's Tihar jail almost after 17 years. He was awarded life and had been lodged in jail since 1999.
He has already served 14 years in prison and stayed 'silent' during his stay behind bars that fetched him sufficient ground to convince the authorities.
This judgement came on the recommendation submitted by the Sentence Review Board. Anil Baijal Lieutenant Governor of Delhi finally ordered his release keeping in view the recommendation put forward.
Manu, a source says, helped many rehabilitate and contributed a great deal to serving society which was also taken into account.
Manu's  Charitable Trust has funded education to 500 children of prisoners, and he also gave  ideas to promote the TJ’s (Tihar Jail’s) brand, helping the turnover climb up from Rs 3 crore to the whopping Rs 20 crore annually.
Manu had been doing time as a lifer pronounced  by the Delhi High Court in December 2006 for the bartender Lall’s murder in 1999. She was killed in cold blood on 30 April 1999 when she refused to serve liquor to Sharma and his friends; this punctured his ego, the infuriated Manu whipped out a oistol and opened fire resulting in her death.
The Board chaired by the Delhi Home Minister,  including the DG (prisons), Principal Secretary (Home), Principal Secretary (Law), Jt. CP  (Crime), the government’s chief Probation Officer, and a Dtrict Judge.
The Sentence Review Board has certain parameters that decide a premature release of a convict. Good conduct inside the jail as long as the accused is  serving term. Second,  a police report recommending the release, and third, a social investigation report, which talks about the chances of rehabilitation. Manu filled all the three conditions.
 Amit Sahni, Manu's counsel said that the murder was not premeditated just  on the spur of the moment. He is not a criminal nor does he carry any such past behind himself.
His case was reviewed many a time in the recent past and observed that he didn't violate the rules of parole or furlough and his social behaviour inside the jail. 
The state did not oppose the judgement on Manu's release.