Yoga enthusiasts join Anubhuti online

On the occasion, 16500 yoga enthusiasts  from across the country and abroad joined Anubhuti through varied social platforms. Many joined this premium yoga centre and performed the aasnaas via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
Keeping in mind the threat from pandemic 
COVID 19, the yoga instructors followed the protocol and guidelines issued by Ayush Ministry. They  endeavoured to educate the masses about maintaining the norms of social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing hands.Those fitness freaks irrespective of age or caste bar benefited themselves by being a part of this mega event.
About 8500 teachers, students and staff members from 20 odd schools from Delhi alone took part three days before the event kicked off. Besides, a large number of private companies, social organizations, banks and Media institutes participated in the event.
The Centre also performed advanced yoga tactics that attracted the youth segment, delivered a lesson of making yoga art an integral part of life and focussed on becoming a Yoga Guru to train others Nationwide. Shilpi Gupta,founder of Anubhuti made yoga lovers aware of varied aspects of Yoga that help groom one into an attractive and complete personality. How one can combat mental and physical stress posing a threat  to life. Shilpi averred laying emphasis on.
'Yog unites all of us within, practice of yoga brings people from different 
strata of society close together. It bolsters confidence.'
Sheikh Shafiq Ansar co-founder gushed.
The two-hour-long event closed with reciting of Gayatri Mantra