Corona far from over


The more the testing the more number cases are reported. The curve ballooning once seems flattened out a little. Despite whatever, the danger staring hard in the face is far from over. There has been a marginal dip in cases being reported within the city every day.  Mortality rate also has plummeted for few weeks, recovery rate has risen as many admitted to hospitals are returning home. There is no fresh spike in cases in Delhi. Despite all this, the panic is lurking around.
We can't but live with the virus.  A number of diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya  once came never returned and over a period people have got acclimatized to the conditions; so will be the case with corona virus,"  Padma Shri Dr K K Aggarwal an eminent cardiologist averred. In an interview, the former National President of IMA  throws light on varied aspects related to COVID19

Is it the peak of corona plaguing the city Delhi, how do you look at it?
I don't think that corona is peaking in Delhi. It is passing through different phases and we are at stage four. 
Do you think it is going to ebb in days to come?
No, it is not going to subside instead you will have to live with it, the new normal. The cases vary from city to city depending on its density and other conditopns, the cases have thinned in Delhi. 
Who are more susceptible?
Every one of us may fall prey to the deadly virus. However, it depends on how you carry yourself, how your immunity fights back the attack. Above all, those who are already battling with one disease or other are more likely to get infection. Elderly above the age of 60 are more vulnerable.

What precautions must be taken to stay on the safer side?
Avoid the crowded places, cover your face by wearing a mask and keep washing or sanitizing your hands at a regular interval particularly when going to eat or coming home from outside. If you spend a good deal of time with a person already infected, chances are high. Make sure that there is adequate and cross ventilation while sitting with a number of people. 

How can an asymptomatic carrier be identified?
There may be symptoms even if it is not related to pulmonary disorder and others like fatigue, dry cough,  pains etcetera other signs may include diarrhea, headache,  loss of taste followed by mild fever. 
 Dr Sameer Maqsood, a renowned pediatrician at Max Hospital

Do you have cases of corona in kids?
There are fewer cases of kids diagnosed with corona  positive and they recovered over a period of time.

How does the virus catch small kids?
It travels in through human transmission more categorically I would say from parents and other infected family members. 

There is a panic looming large on small kids falling ill too frequently, how do you assess it?
Why panic? There are cases where kids may suffer a stroke of a weather shift, which should not be associated with COVID19 at all. Children may have a high fever for a couple of days then it abates itself. It is no corona. 

What is your take on post COVID 19?
People may suffer once they have recovered from the disease; they might have taken high doses while fighting the malady that enable them to keep the oxygen level in tact which must be well above 90 percent.
There occur numerous complications post recovery.  Keeping the body mechanism under control the patient is administered steroids to balance the equation which may further result in other complications  even affecting blood pressure. This has been found in both kids and adults.

Dr Sameer Maqsood, Max Hospital