Dargah Hzt. Nizamuddin Auliya opens to devotees today after months' hiatus

The 14th Century shrine of sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin has reopened today after months' nationwide lockdown. The dargah committee has strictly and categorically instructed to follow the protocol of social distancing and wearing masks.
Both the entrance gates are well equipped with proper facilities of sanitization. 
"It is to ensure that everyone entering the holy precinct of the dargah must wear their masks and maintain social distancing
norms. We have volunteers keeping tabs on devotees and pilgrims lest they violate guidelines." Peerzada, descendent of the sufi lineage Syed Altamash Nizami, spoke.
There are blocks prominently marked must be followed by those coming to the mausoleum .  One important thing is that no luggage whether it be a handbag, briefcase etcetera is allowed inside the premises.
Proper arrangements have been observed by the Dargah Committee to facilitate the entry and exit of the devotees.
"We will monitor the crowd and not allow anyone to stay  at the dargah for  more than15 minutes. Waiting and sitting inside the premises is strictly prohibited. Besides, no qawwali recitation is allowed, enormous crowds following the same may pose a threat to the norms battling the pandemic.' Syed Afsar Ali Nizami, Chief In-Charge of Dargah averred.
There is a loud NO to  the offering of scent, flowers and incense sticks to the holy tomb. No one is permitted to touch the hem of the holy covering inside the sanctum.
If anyone is found with the symptoms of Corona,even with the slightest fever close to 99 Fahrenheit will be debarred right at the entry point.
It is also maintained that kids below 10 years of age and elders  above 65 years are advised to avoid visiting the dargah.
You, with a mask on, can plan a holy trip to the shrine keeping in mind the Dos and Don'ts. 
The mosque inside the shrine opens only at a prayer time but there is no provision for ablution or wu'zu.
The dargah opens at 5 at dawn till 10 in the evening.