44 personalities awarded with “DR. KALAM SMRITI EXCELLENCE AWARD 2020”


New Delhi. Face Group organized its annual function Dr. Kalam Smriti Excellence Award 2020 at J. P. Hotel & Resorts, New Delhi. In the presidency of Dr. Mushtaq Ansari in this function Zakir Khan (Chairman- Minority Cell, Govt. of Delhi) gave his presence as Chief Guest, other than that many more well known personalities and high profile politicians attend this award ceremony, like Coronal H. S. Attari, MLA Adv. S. K. Bagga, Mrs. Universe west Asia 2015 & President Cultural Cell BJP Delhi Mrs. Ruby Phogat Yadav and many more.

Face Group received around 200 Nominations from all over India for this award and out of 200, jury panel selected 44 personalities from different cities who served to society with various ways in their respective sectors. Here is the list of Awardees from different cities of India: SYED FARMAN AHMED from U.P. as “Social Activist & Covid Warrior”, Sh. Aziz Haider from Delhi as “Journalist” , Dr. Asad Masih from New Delhi as “Educationalist” , SH. NEERAJ KUMAR GUPTA from Delhi as “Businessman & Social Reformer” ,  MRS. DEEPSHIKHA SRIVASTAVA from Delhi as “Educationalist” , SH. GULFAM AHMED from Delhi as “Model & Dancer” , SH. MAROOF RAZA from Delhi as “Media Person” , DR. SARDAR KHAN from Delhi as “Doctor” , MS. ANITA SHAMI from Delhi as “Educationist” , HOPE EK A.S.H.A. (NGO) from Delhi who served in “Health Sector” , MS. HEMLATA from Delhi as “Educationalist” , Dr. PRAVIN KUMAR BHARTI from  Delhi as “Doctor” ,  SH. KALEEM KHAN from Delhi as “Businessman” , Dr. HAMSAR HAYAT NIZAMI from Delhi as “Sufi Singer & Music Composer” , SH. ATHAR HAYAT NIZAMI from Delhi as “Sufi Singer” , MOHD. SAMEER NIZAMI from Delhi as “Sufi Singer” , Dr. SATAPATH ANNAPURNA from  Andhra Pradesh as “Social Reformer & Covid Warrior” , Dr. ROBIN RAOMAI HENI from Manipur as “Social Reformer & Covid Warrior” , SH. PENDEM VENKATA SRINIVASA RAO from Telangana as “Social Activist” , Dr. GMS RAMANUJA DASAN from Tamil Nadu as “Social Activist” , Dr. PRIYANKA NITIN MAHINDRAKAR from Maharastra as “Educationist & Social Activist” , Dr. RAYAPATI SAMUEL JOHN THOMAS from Telangana as “Social Activist” , SH. BARDE RAMDAG DASHARATH from Maharastra as “Social Activist” , SH. HARESH SHAH from Maharastra as “Social Activist” , Dr. RAMESHA A from karnatka as “Educationist (International English Accents)” , Dr. R. SURESH BABU from Karnataka as “Social Reformer & Covid Warrior” , Sh. PEERPASH HUSAINI AB RAZAK INAMDAR from Maharashtra as “Educationist, Administrator” , Dr. PAZHANI from Chennai as “Social Reformer & Covid Warrior” , Dr. S B NARAYAN MURTHY from Karnataka as “Gemologist & Numerologist” , Sh. AKOIJAM SOBHACHANDRA SINGH from Manipur as “Nata Sankirtana Guru Art And Culture” , MISS. VANYA SINGH from New Delhi as “Model & Actress” , Dr. Srikant Vijay Pardeshi from Nashik Maharashtra as “Social Activist” , SH. MOHAMMAD. JAHIR-UL-ISLAM from Assam as “Motivator of Agarwood Plantation in NE” , Dr. ROHINI S. DIXIT from Karnataka as “Social Activist” , Dr. ARVIND ISHWAR GTTI from Karnataka as “Social Reformer” , MS. BHAIRAVI HEMANT from Gujarat as “Art & culture and Media” , HE.AMB HUMAN CHANGER DR. SIR WISHWAS JULKA from New Delhi as “Social Reformer & Motivational Speaker” , COLONEL HARINDER SINGH ATTARI from U.P. as “Social Activist” , MS. GEETHA PUTTA from Tadepalli as “Social Developer & Capacity Builder” , Dr. B. SENDIL KUMAR from Tamil Nadu as “Educationalist” , Dr. ALLE SHRIHARI from Telangana as “Social Activist” , Mrs. R. SHEEBA G. from Telangana “Social Activist” , SH. DAVINDER SINGH AHLUWALIA from Punjab as “Journalist & Social Activist” , SH. ARYAN JULKA from New Delhi as “Social Reformer, Sportsman & Singer”