The seasons and I

Sitting by my window
Looking out at the landscape 
I see all the signs of winter-
Bare trees
Fallen leaves
Cold rain
Snow and sleet...

The plants will come to life
Once again
When it’s springtime-
A burst of bloom
A riot of colour
New foliage
We’ll certainly see...

They go through each season
And must do so every year
Although they grow and thrive-
They lose the fruits of labour
Only to begin again
To build up 
And come to fruition once more
Every year 
The cycle must repeat...

In comparison
I see my life
As composed of four seasons-
Youth was full of fun and frolic
Summer full of toil 
Now it’s autumn 
The mind wanders
And occupies itself with thoughts 
Of the oncoming cold winter...

But all said and done
I feel quite young at heart
A myriad experiences still await-
There are many unsaid words
Friends to be met and loved
I’m ready to face the challenges
That the years ahead will bring
Although it’s the autumn of my life
It feels so much like spring

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